In His Clarissa Novel, Mitchell Kriegman Explains It All

Clarissa Explains It All creator Mitchell Kriegman manages an admirable, but not completely satisfying, juggling act with romance, nostalgia, and realism with his novel, Things I Can’t Explain. Twenty-something Millennial Clarissa explains all her adulthood, but can’t explain why she’s mired in sitcom hi-jinks. She’s still a Darling, but not quite darling.

Clarence Explains It Some

90s kids remember (the 90s kids who watched too much TV) Clarissa Darling, a girl with maturity a little beyond her years and a distinct bohemian-ish fashion sense. She had the obligatory quirky family, but her best friend is Sam, a dude who entered her room via ladder to her window. Continue reading “In His Clarissa Novel, Mitchell Kriegman Explains It All”

Slimed by Mathew Klickstein

I thank Mathew Klickstein for reconnecting me with an old friend. Klickstein’s Slimed: An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age shows Nickelodeon was “the first network for kids.” Back then, war was cold and dirty kids equaled good, clean fun. Slimed explores how Nickelodeon was “pro-kid,” gives actors and executives a platform to talk about their joys and struggles, and allows Phil Moore to explain why he was so annoying on Nick Arcade.

Ah, yes. Nick and I were good childhood friends. Nick showed me the many ways kids have fun. I was wowed when Nick decided to do some Saturday night work. Nick’s brought new friends in 1991; Doug, Tommy, and Ren & Stimpy were a good reason for me to watch TV on Sunday mornings. I had so much Nick stuff: magazines, Gak, toy blimps, etc. Eventually, Nick and I changed tastes. The parting was amicable and I still check on Nick from time to time.

Nickelodeon had little competition in the 1980s through the early 1990s. Disney Channel was a pay channel, Cartoon Network started in the early 90s but I didn’t see it until 1995, USA and TBS only had blocks of kids shows. If the reason you stuck with Nick is wild kids entertainment like You Can’t Do That On Television, Clarissa Explains It All, Pete and Pete, and Double Dare then Slimed will be fine reading. Continue reading “Slimed by Mathew Klickstein”