A Brief History of Filmation Ghostbusters Comic Books


Let me get this out of the way: I’m worn down by people raging over the 2016 Ghostbusters movie (Misogyny? Corporate apologetics? You decide!) that I have little enthusiasm for the movie at its release. The hype inspired to take an “ironic,” rebellious take of siding with the Filmation Ghostbusters and looking up their comic book history.


These Ghostbusters were a separate media franchise first established as a live action Saturday morning show about 10 years before Columbia Pictures’ blockbuster. As Columbia had permission to use the Ghostbusters name and had something scorching on their hands, the mega-popular GB franchise soon lauched long-running toy lines and cartoons. Not to be outdone, Filmation also made deals to produce toys and a cartoon.

History bears out that the franchise with a potato-shaped slime specter and a giant marshmallow man was far more popular that the franchise with a humanoid gorilla. Filmation closed down in 1989, eventually sold to Classic Media which itself was sold to Dreamworks becoming Dreamworks Classics.
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