Batman: I Am Gotham Review

I am… not impressed. Review copy provided by DC Comics.

New 52/DCYou-era brooding gothic journeys from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are traded in for a Rebirth by Tom King and David Finch. I’m not feeling I Am Gotham that much. Batman’s newest sidekicks/assistants/fodder are two eager, but underwritten, young adults, Gotham and Gotham Girl, who are superpowered, but with a cost because there would be little tension if heroic metahumans can roam freely on Batman’s turf. Hugo Strange and Psycho Pirate are plotting to destroy Gotham as we know it; Batman, his new dynamic duo, along with snarky Alfred and Duke (he’s not Robin!) tries to stop them. These comics were first published when around the time of a certain Harley Quinn-helmed blockbuster so Amanda Waller teases/threatens Task Force X. Continue reading “Batman: I Am Gotham Review”