William Daniels Says "There I Go Again" As He Recounts Acting Jobs in Book And Interview

Whether winning acclaim as John Adams, Mr. Feeny, or the voice of KITT, how would accomplished actor William Daniels celebrate his 90th birthday? Not doing much, he says.

March 31st, 2017 may be just any other day to him other than his knowing he’s unable to stop his sons baking a birthday cake. That said, I’m still in awe of a man who was grew up in the spotlight. Not surprising for a man having over 70 years of acting experience, his book, There I Go Again, has the feel of writings from an elder professional who doesn’t get giddy in his most joyous moments.

I had a pleasant time speaking to Mr. Daniels and his wife, Bonnie Bartlett. They addressed my questions no matter how goofy they were. The following clips are edited from this conversation. Apologies for the low quality of my voice:

A Chat with Bill Daniels and Bonnie Bartlett

Book Review: Thanks for the Money by Joel McHale

This so-called memoir needs more genuine charm. Book review written from an advanced review copy.

Actor Joel McHale wants the title of his memoir/self-help book/joke volcano to be a joking gesture of gratitude. With how few laughs this book has, I took the title as a warning.

Thanks For the Money is a deliberately comedic fleecing from the big-ego persona of McHale. Thanks is a tongue-in-cheek journey through a ex-athlete comedian’s life. I would have no problem with the concept of reading the writings of someone playing a self-absorbed version of himself. What I do take issue with is that Money is obviously ghostwritten. McHale’s blatant acknowledging the ghostwriters doesn’t make it funny, either. McHale’s narrative voice spouts a ton of pop-culture references; I suspect McHale’s actual comedic shtick wasn’t formed by watching The Simpsons or absorbing TV and movie trivia. After reading McHale’s biographies, either the facetious one in the book or the real one by piecing together Wikipedia articles and interviews, that smart-aleck guy in the book doesn’t seem plausible. Continue reading “Book Review: Thanks for the Money by Joel McHale”