Last Week's Issue: Steve Rogers and the Multi-Headed Monster

Here are my almost stream-of-consciousness, maybe unfocused, thoughts on the major comic book single issue of the past week: Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 by writer Nick Spencer and artist Jesus Saiz.

The startling revelation that Steve Rogers had been a Hydra agent all along sparked plenty of conversation over the past week. Cap’s big swerve has gone beyond all artistic critique: whatever resolution to this story won’t generate as much mainstream press as his betrayal. Even Stan Lee, who helped develop Captain America as a “man out of time” in the mid-1960s, liked Cap’s new professed allegiance. Chris Evans, the current embodiment of Cap, was amusingly befuddled.

There was the inevitable Internet Backlash: the sadly standard variety of outrage and ugly threats. The backlash has made inspired think pieces about the nature of fandom and fan entitlement is poisonous. Also, there’s ridiculous dragging co-creators Kirby and Simon into this fan conflict. In my view, such overreaction is a product of the social media age which much intensifies and makes viral hyperbole. Continue reading “Last Week’s Issue: Steve Rogers and the Multi-Headed Monster”