Batman: I Am Gotham Review

New 52/DCYou-era brooding gothic journeys from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are traded in for a Rebirth by Tom King and David Finch. I’m not feeling I Am Gotham that much. Batman’s newest sidekicks/assistants/fodder are two eager, but underwritten, young adults, Gotham and Gotham Girl, who are superpowered, but with a cost because there would be little tension if heroic metahumans can roam freely on Batman’s turf. Hugo Strange and Psycho Pirate are plotting to destroy Gotham as we know it; Batman, his new dynamic duo, along with snarky Alfred and Duke (he’s not Robin!) tries to stop them. These comics were first published when around the time of a certain Harley Quinn-helmed blockbuster so Amanda Waller teases/threatens Task Force X.

I Am Gotham has narrative elements all over the place, with one episode containing noirish “My City is” captions as if King was in a Miller-esque mood when he was scripting it. The minor villains are campy pushovers. Line art and colors give a realistic heft to the heroes and villains in my mind’s eye. But the plot is annoyingly incomplete. There’s one touching moment with Batman and Gotham Girl where Bats actually drops his gritty facade to empathize with her. Taken as a monthly piece of the puzzle, is cool, but here I’m thinking of how else the creative team is going to further shoehorn references to the Suicide Squad.

Maybe the next volume, I Am Suicide, completes the plot to improve the latest Batman saga. However, as is, I Am Gotham rises no more to a middling “meh.”

** out of ****

Author: Clarence

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