Making of a Banner #1: Uninvited Guests

One of the reasons I created Mondo Paper is to look at narrative literature ranging from classics to comics. Reflecting my appreciation of public domain illustrations and mashups, I decided to design a banner that spans the world of narratives: American, British, and Japanese.

Who’s In It?

The main illo is from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ drawn by John Tenniel. Tenniel visualized Carroll’s imaginative story in a slightly grounded, but no less inspiring, way.

Then with some image editing skills, I added Hazel from Watership Down as the March Hare and Monkey D. Luffy from One Piece. as the Mad Hatter. I hope I’ve conveyed some whimsy when you see the full banner. It’s also useful for posting as a banner for social media accounts.

What’s Next?

There are ideas running through my head on what banner to do next. I’ve collected some public domain artwork to use as a base. Nothing may come of all that, but I hope you at least liked these uninvited guests.

Author: Clarence

I like to read books. Do you?