Crowdfund Corner: This Romance Guide Goes Steady With Kickstarter

Sequential Crush Presents How to Go Steady

What is it?
Sequential Crush Presents How to Go Steady is a book featuring timeless dating advice and artwork from the last major age of romance comic books.

Yes, romance comics: sappy soap operas in print. Ultimately, female readers left and the U.S. comic book industry has been a Boyz’ Superhero Klub since.

This book has a goal of $21,000 with $5,000 being pledged as I write this.

How to Go Steady cover

Who’s Making It?
Jacque Nodell of Sequential Crush. She still holds the torch for a bygone piece of Americana. She has been praised from no less than famed romance comics writer Stan Lee!

Check out a recent example of her recapping a story from Young Romance called “I Am a Woman.”.

‘How to Go Steady’ is illustrated and designed by Jenny Cimino.

How Much Is It?
$20 minimum for a digital copy, $35 for a print copy.

What Are the Costs of Making It?
Nodell provides an explanation and pie chart of her budget. Over half the costs go to Illustration, Design, and Printing.

Visit the Kickstarter page for this book.

Author: Clarence

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